Warmly congratulate Jing'an Steel on the new breakthrough of high life intermediate package.

Jing'an Iron & Steel used our newly developed high life mid-pack top spout and composite high-grade mid-pack slag line material, and the service life of the mid-pack in the No.3 continuous casting machine reached 92.5 hours on 4 September 2017, which broke through the previous record of single pack life of the mid-pack in the plant.

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Jinan Maihabo Metallurgical Technology Development Co., Ltd. Handbook on Personal Protection for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia in Response to Novel Coronavirus Infections

Original title: Personal Protection Knowledge for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Manual Personal Protection Knowledge

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Jinan Maihabo Metallurgical Technology Development Co., Ltd Leading products and development direction

Jinan Maihabo Metallurgical Technology Development Co., Ltd The leading products are refractory products for steelmaking in metallurgical industry: sliding spout products for intermediate ladle, lining materials for intermediate ladle, all kinds of bulk materials

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Our company and Tangshan Shichuang Refractories Company signed a contract on Tangshan Zhengfeng Steel Plant Phase II Project.

Our company signed a business contract with Tangshan Shichuang Refractories Company on the intermediate ladle sizing spout quick-change plug bar quick-change system for the second phase project of Tangshan Zhengfeng Steel Plant.

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The company inspects each intermediate package construction contracting project department

In order to further strengthen the management and better serve the customers, the company is currently carrying out inspections on each intermediate package construction contracting project department. The inspections include dry material casting process and quality, the use of process parts such as plug bar, upper spout, lower spout, quick-change mechanism, immersed spout, etc., and the effect of argon protection on clean steel casting. The work done is effective and praised by the majority of steel enterprises.

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High Life Integral Upper Spout Product Description

This product provides a continuous casting steelmaking protection casting quick-change water outlet, including the mother body, the mother body is opened in a circular cavity

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Seminar on Integrated Problems of Moulds in the Production Process of Spout and Zirconium Core Products

Mould tooling directly affects product quality, production efficiency, production costs and safe production. In order to strengthen the mould management, Jinan Maihabo Metallurgical Technology Development Co., Ltd.held a special meeting on moulds hosted by the general manager on 24th April, to have an in-depth and detailed discussion on the moulds of the products such as the upper water outlet, intermediate packages and zirconium cores, etc., in the process of production, and to formulate the corresponding management regulations, which will surely have a positive effect on the company's production in the future.

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