China's iron and steel metallurgy equipment technology export new progress

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2019-01-29 00:00

The construction of "One Belt, One Road" will provide an important development opportunity for China's steel enterprises to "go out". With the rapid development of China's national economy and iron and steel, machinery industry, China's iron and steel plant design, equipment manufacturing, construction, production technology and other aspects have made great progress. China's iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology exports have a strong foundation, but also made a lot of new progress, of course, there is also a lack of innovation (few of China's self-developed equipment, technology), there are shortcomings (in the blast furnace, coking, sintering, pellet, better, large-scale steelmaking, rolling equipment, worse), management is not smooth (in the foreign projects of the domestic companies concerned in the disordered competition, the internal friction is very large) and other issues, to be constantly improved! In recent years, China's iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology.

In recent years, China's iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology progress mainly includes the following six aspects.

From the export of small and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises complete sets of equipment technology development to start exporting large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises complete sets of equipment technology

Main Case:

Vietnam Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Plant is a joint venture between Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan, Japan's JFE Steel and Sinosteel of Taiwan, controlled by Formosa Plastics Group, with a total construction scale of 22.5 million tonnes/year, and is planned to be constructed in two phases with a total of four steps. The total construction scale is 22.5 million tonnes/year, which is planned to be constructed in two phases with four steps. The annual production capacity of the first phase is about 7 million tonnes/year, and the technical construction of the project is basically undertaken by our enterprises, among which the raw material yard and two 4,350m3 blast furnaces will be constructed by the general contracting of CMT Saidi Company, which is in charge of the design, supply, construction, installation, training, furnace start-up and production guidance, etc. The two blast furnaces are designed to have an annual production capacity of 6.395 million tonnes of iron, and the CMT Changtian Company is in charge of the engineering of the two 500m2 sintering machines.

CMT Coke & Resistance is responsible for the project of four 60-hole 7m coke ovens. CMC South is responsible for three 300t converter steel making system projects, 2050mm hot strip mill project is responsible for engineering design and part of equipment supply by CMC Saidi, while bloom billet rolling unit, high-speed wire rod mill, large coil and wire rod composite mill is responsible for plant design and part of equipment supply by CMC Jingcheng.

Sinosteel Equipment Corporation and Algeria Tosyali Iron & Steel Company signed an EPC contract for a 2.3 million tonnes/year EF short flow steel plant in Algeria, with a total contract value of about USD 500 million. The mechanical equipment and steel structure of the project are made in China, which will indirectly lead to steel export of about 50,000 tonnes. The project includes 2.3 million tonnes/year of electric furnace steelmaking and 2.15 million tonnes/year of billet casters, 750,000 tonnes/year and 1.21 million tonnes/year of bar production line, lime kiln, main bucking transformer substation, oxygen generator and other ancillary utilities, of which the 240-tonne furnace is entrusted to the Italian company Dexing to be responsible for the provision of the contract, and the construction period is 24 months. The construction period is 24 months, and the main construction tasks are undertaken jointly by the Chinese company and the Turkish company.

The 2.2 million tonnes/year integrated steel plant of Indian Electric Steel Ltd (ESL) has been completed by Shandong Metallurgical Design & Research Institute Company as the general contractor. The project includes sintering, iron making, steel making, steel rolling (bar mill) and related utilities. The inner volume of the blast furnace is 1000m3, and the construction is in charge of by China Metallurgical Group.

CMJC is the general contractor for the construction of 1800m3 blast furnace system of Krakatoa Iron & Steel Company in Indonesia, including raw material yard, sintering, coking, blast furnace, etc., with an annual iron production capacity of 1.2 million tonnes. The two companies also signed a general contract for the renovation of electric furnace steelmaking area of Kagan Iron & Steel Company, which includes the three-stripping pre-treatment of molten iron.

Started exporting large and medium-sized iron and steel equipment production lines Main cases:

CMNC and Negoec International Mining Company of Mauritania signed a general contracting agreement for the mining and processing project, with the scale of the first phase being 4 million tonnes/year of iron ore concentrate, and considering the possibility of expanding the production capacity to 8 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate in the future. The 198m2 sintering machine of ArcelorMittal in Brazil, contracted by CMCC, has been successfully put into production with an annual capacity of 2.2 million tonnes. The 300mm2 sintering machine of a Turkish steel plant constructed by Sinosteel Equipment Corporation has been put into production, with a material layer thickness of 600mm and a loading capacity of 500 tonnes/hour.

Turkey Igdemiy Company ordered a sintering machine with an annual capacity of 5.2 million tonnes of sintered ore and two coke ovens with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tonnes of coke from Sinosteel Equipment Corporation.

Started to create famous brand products sold to many countries

Mainly include: blast furnace cooling wall. Baosteel independent design and manufacture of blast furnace cooling wall with refractory brick inlay technology, cooling pipe anti-carbon seepage and anti-drift and a number of unique technologies to reach the international leading level. Nine large blast furnaces constructed recently in the world adopt Baosteel blast furnace cooling wall, and the cooling wall made by Baosteel has accounted for 40% of the 12 large blast furnaces above 5000m3 in the world according to the preliminary statistics.

Blast furnace without bell top equipment. The bell-less top equipment of blast furnace designed and manufactured by Qinhuangdao Qinye Heavy Industry is not only widely used in the newly-built blast furnace in China, but also exported to the 3800m3 blast furnace built by POSCO and Indonesia in South Korea and two 4350m3 blast furnaces of Hoa Binh Iron & Steel Works in Vietnam.

Blast furnace gas residual pressure generator set. The blast furnace gas residual pressure generator sets designed and manufactured by Shaanxi Drum Wind Group have been exported to the 5250m3 blast furnace of Hyundai Iron & Steel Company in South Korea, 4019m3 blast furnace of Southwest Iron & Steel Company in India, and 4350m3 blast furnace of Hoa Jing Iron & Steel Plant in Vietnam.

Large blast furnace hot blast furnace system valves, Qinye Heavy Industry has been exported to Russia, India, South Korea, the United States and other countries.

Train and mine wagon wheels made by Maanshan Iron & Steel Company were sold to many countries such as Australia and Brazil.

Starting to export iron and steel metallurgical equipment and technology to developed countries

There are the following two cases of exporting iron and steel metallurgy equipment and technology to developed countries: firstly, China designs and manufactures them independently; in addition to the well-known products mentioned above, there is also the 185m2 sintering machine independently researched and developed by CMT Changtian and exported to Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal and Wakayama Plant in Japan, which has successfully gone into operation, and the project is a general contracting for designing and purchasing. The technology of 6m high coke oven with carbonisation chamber was exported by CMT Coking & Resistance to Sumitomo Metal Corporation in Japan. The No.6 Blast Furnace (6000m3) Gas System Modification Project of POSCO Gwangyang Plant in South Korea commissioned CMT Jingcheng to design, supply and provide technical services, and the adoption of Dry Dust Removal and Blast Furnace Gas Alkali Spraying and De-chlorination System has been successfully put into production. The 1.5 million tonnes/year FINEX engineered mill non-dehydration self-circulation system developed and supplied to POSCO by CMT Jingcheng has been put into operation and is running normally, with the capacity of 2×50 tonnes/year and the oxygen content is controlled at 8%-9%.

Secondly, it cooperates with famous manufacturers in developed countries to export to third countries. For example, China First Heavy for the Italian company Alverdi to undertake the world's first headless casting and rolling thin steel strip production line machinery and equipment (including eight mills) project by Siemens voestalpine general contracting. The project of providing F4, F5 and F6 finishing mill stand machinery and equipment for ArcelorMittal's 2250mm hot strip mill in Poland by China Second Heavy was general contracted by Siemens.

Engineering Consultancy and Technology Export

Main Cases: The project of master plan contract for KPO 10 million tonnes new steel base of Tata Steel in India was signed between CMT SEDI and Tata Steel India.

The consulting contract for the feasibility study of 3 million tonnes steel plant for the first phase of China-Pakistan New Energy Steel Project was signed between CMT Jingcheng and China-Pakistan New Energy International Investment Company.

Chinese companies build steel plants overseas to drive the export of iron and steel metallurgical equipment and technology.

Main cases: Shougang Group and a local Malaysian company built a new 3 million tonnes/year steel joint venture in a special economic zone in eastern Malaysia. Castle Peak Group builds ferronickel and stainless steel plant in Indonesia, which will build eight ferronickel production lines and ancillary projects, two 150,000 kW thermal power generation projects, with an annual output of 600,000 tonnes of ferronickel. The scale of stainless steel plant is 3 million tonnes/year, and will build 1780mm hot strip rolling production line, and signed design contract with CMT Orient.


In recent years, China's iron and steel metallurgical equipment and technology exports, although there is greater progress, but in general, the scale is not large and large-scale equipment, small and medium-sized equipment; less advanced equipment, more common equipment; less independent innovation equipment, less well-known product companies, more general products. Fundamentally, to dare to be good at innovation, improve the independent design and manufacturing capacity, and strive to create more well-known brands and enterprises. In short, to improve the independent design and manufacturing capacity, is to improve China's iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology exports the fundamental way.

Make full use of the "One Belt, One Road" strategic opportunity and China's enterprises to invest in overseas plant opportunities to expand the export of iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology. At present, we have not done enough in this regard, and we need to learn from our experiences and lessons, and make positive progress, especially in the current situation of China's iron and steel overcapacity, we should create conditions for relocating the whole iron and steel plant overseas.

Strengthen the promotion of China's iron and steel products and enterprises, improve the mechanism of exporting iron and steel metallurgical equipment and technology, so that the general contracting unit, design unit, manufacturing unit and construction unit are well combined, strengthen the coordination and management, and try to minimise the situation of disorderly competition among Chinese enterprises in overseas projects.

Further development of foreign engineering design and consulting (including production and construction consulting) in order to drive the export of iron and steel metallurgical equipment technology.