Metallurgical engineering qualification agency materials

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2019-09-11 00:00

Metallurgical engineering qualification, which represents the construction ability of the practitioners, is also an important document for project bidding. Therefore, before enterprises participate in metallurgical engineering construction, they need to go to complete the qualification application. Generally speaking, the application is divided into three steps, including the conditions reached, materials preparation, qualification submission and so on. Among them, the one that is more prone to errors is about the preparation of various materials. Because the materials are to be submitted to the competent authorities for review, errors and omissions will affect the final result. Sichuan Haobang qualification for a special summary of common problems and solutions, the process is as follows:

First, the application form

Ministry of Housing and Construction official website of the construction industry enterprise qualification application form, online truthfully fill in the contents, and print paper materials for submission.

Second, personnel materials

All kinds of personnel required for qualification application, you need to prepare the relevant title qualification certificate, ID card, social security payment certificate and so on.

Asset materials

The net assets of the enterprise is an important assessment criteria for the application, to prepare a financial audit report as proof. It should be noted that the implementation of the company's registered contribution system, the new three qualifications can be submitted to the proof of contribution.

Fourth, performance materials

The enterprise's engineering performance materials, mainly the notice of award, contract, technical drawings, project settlement statement, completion and acceptance of the certificate. New three qualification enterprises, according to the regulations do not need to prepare, but pay attention to the performance of the technical person in charge of the standard certificate.

V. Basic materials

The company's business licence, articles of association, legal person information, etc., these are also an indispensable part of the application materials. And only prepared these materials, but also to prove the business qualifications of enterprises, and can be applied.

It should be noted that the enterprise for qualification upgrading, in the materials also have a lower level of qualification certificate and safety certificate. In addition, this article is just a general introduction, the specific material requirements will vary from place to place. Therefore, before preparing the materials, you still need to go to the local building authorities for consultation, so as not to prepare errors.