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  • Name: Accurate-positioning high-tightness sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment

Accurate-positioning high-tightness sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment

(Patent No.:ZL 2011 2 0014923.4)


Technical Description:

Based on the third generation of “high-tightness sizing nozzle quick-change equipment”, and taking into consideration the new requirements raised by current users, our company has independently developed the fourth generation of quick-change equipment, “accurate-positioning high-tightness sizing nozzle casting equipment” (patent number: ZL 2011 2 0014923.4). The equipment adopts four-guide-posts press-down orientation, counter bore rigid rolling connection, accurate positioning of two-way fixed cylinder brackets, integrated filling nozzle and other technologies, being featured by accurate positioning of nozzles, simple structure, easy operation, safer and more reliable use, and so on, which are widely used.


1、Accurate nozzle positioning: The cylinder brackets of utility model patent are fixed in both vertical and horizontal directions, which can improve the rigidity of the connection of cylinder brackets, and are not subject to deformation, so that the positioning in the propelling process of replacing the draining nozzle of the cylinder can become more accurate, which is almost free of any errors, and the draining nozzle is accurately aligned with the filling nozzle in the process of replacement, thereby prolonging the service life of the draining nozzle, and ensuring the quality of the molten steel; the utility model also has other advantages such as lower manufacturing costs, more solid overall structure which is not subject to damage, and longer service life.

2、Seamless-connection of the filling nozzle: The quick-change filling nozzle used in this equipment adopts integrated forming technology. The zirconia core and the parent materials are seamlessly connected, putting an end to such accidents as steel channeling caused by zirconium core displacement and steel clamping due to the failure of the mud in the process of replacing the filling nozzle. At the same time, the integrated forming nozzles are easy to produce with lower energy consumption, which is a kind of high-quality energy-saving products, and can greatly prolong the life of the tundish of quick-change equipment.

3、High-precision draining nozzle: The quick-change draining nozzle used in the equipment adopts integrated forming technology. The iron shell and the parent materials are seamlessly connected, putting an end to such phenomena as the tile of the nozzle in the process of assembly and the steel channeling due to the over-large spacing between nozzles in the process of using, as well as the separation of the shell or replacement deformation due to the assembly mud. The integrated forming nozzles are featured by neater appearances, better strength, and longer service life, which can significantly reduce the times needed for replacing draining nozzles and prolong the life of the tundish.

4、Segment support orientation: The lower guides adopt leveraged force pressurization mode. The support plate is divided into two sections, which can improve the flexibility of the movement of the lower guide plates, and ensure that the spring force works uninterruptedly on the draining nozzle, so that the surface of the draining nozzle can be tightly sealed under the surface of the filling nozzle. In the entire process, the continuous pressure can fully compensate the deformation of the equipment due to heat, allowing the draining and the filling nozzles to be in a tightly compressed state.

5、Counter bore connection: Four-pillar pressurization orientation, and counter bore rolling lever connection are adopted to reduce the overall height of the entire structure, and realize flexible movement and compact structure. The installation space for immersion nozzle is expanded, which can facilitate installation and replacement of immersion nozzles.

The “Accurate-positioning high-tightness sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment” which adopts two-way fixed cylinder brackets, segmented support orientation, counter bore connection, and integrated forming draining and filling nozzles are featured by more convenient installation, higher reliability, longer life of tundish, and higher energy-efficiency, being highly praised by users.