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  • Name: Stopper type sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment

Stopper type sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment
(Patent No.:ZL 2007 2 0019852.0)


Technical Description:

  At present, in the steelmaking process, domestic and foreign iron and steel enterprises and continuous casting production mainly adopts two modes of flow control for the steel flow control between tundish and the crystallizer: the stopper flow control technology and the sizing nozzle quick-change flow control technology. The stopper flow control technology is featured by stable pull-speed, which is suitable for high-quality steel and alloy steel production; however, it has shorter life of flow control, and restricts the life of tundish, which is generally 12 to 16 hours, resulting in low yield, production efficiency and high production cost of steel billets. Ten years ago, our company took the lead in developing the tundish sizing nozzle quick-change patented technology. This technology can greatly extend the functional life of the flow control by multiple times of change of sizing nozzle in one-time casting tundish, and then improve the continuous casting time and continuous casting furnaces of tundish, extending the life of tundish to more than 60 hours, thereby improving slab quality and yields, as well as the production efficiency, and reducing refractory consumption and production costs, as well as labor intensity. However, the casting speed changes within a certain range, so it can only be applied to the production of ordinary steel.
The comparison between the two flow control modes is shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1: Control flow model comparison table

Project Stopper mode Sizing nozzle, quick-change mode
Flow control components Stopper and Zirconium bowl Sizing nozzle
Flow control principle Regulate the molten steel flow in the gap between the stopper and zirconium bowl, any change of the molten steel flow does not cause the stopper up and down displacement, so that the molten steel flow stabilized at a set value. Sizing nozzle diameter to some extent, the molten steel flow. However, other changes in conditions, or sizing nozzle diameter of the changes will cause changes of the molten steel flow.
The stability of the casting speed Casting speed stability Casting speed with the molten steel flow changes and changes within a certain range.
Flow control function of When the erosion of the flow control components, the erosion deformation serious loss of function of the flow control flow control component failure. When sizing nozzle diameter changes, resulting in the steel flow changes beyond the casting speed setting range, rapid replacement of the new sizing nozzle, the flow control function is carried forward.
Longevity and package (1) flow control component failure,
outlet of the lower nodulation and damage
Restricting the longevity package of implementation.
Realized to package longevity.
Accident blocking the flow Lower part of the blocking flow Accident gate blocking flow when the upper flow control component failure, poor security, can not re-open pouring. Blind block block flow; fast, convenient, safe, re-open pouring.
The upper block flow When the upper flow control element is valid, blocking flow directly from the flow control components.
Fast, convenient and safe.
No specific device; When the upper blockage, requiring a higher operating level.

  In the production of high quality steel and alloy steel continuous casting, it is the key technology to improve the passing rate of billets and the molten steel receiving rate, increase productivity, and reduce refractory consumption and production costs to realize the stability of casting speed of the casting machine and the longevity of tundish at the same time.
At present, the structure of steel product varieties in iron and steel enterprises has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of high quality steel and alloy steel has been increasing. In the continuous casting production of high quality steel and alloy steel, in order to further improve the quality of slabs and yields, improve production efficiency, reduce refractory consumption and production costs and save energy and reduce emission, it is urgently needed to address the problem of prolonging the life of tundish while improving the pull-speed stability of casters.
  The “stopper sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment” researched and developed by our company integrates sizing nozzle quick-change technology and stopper flow control technology, which is applied to the production of high quality steel and alloy steel by concentrating its strong points, to achieve stable pull-speed of casters, while extending the life expectancy of tundish up to more than 40 hours, which significantly improves the quality of slabs and yields, as well as production efficiency, and reduce production costs. The project obtained two utility model patents for stopper type sizing nozzle quick-change casting equipment granted by the Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China on February 13, 2008. (Patent No. ZL 2007 2 0019821.5, ZL 2007 2 0019852.0).